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Or just remain central and also getaway to Singapore’s relaxing Botanic Gardens. The other 2 settlements on the peninsula– Penang and also Malacca– became part of the Union of Malaya, and the tiny island of Labuan was transferred to North Borneo. Singapore achieved complete internal self-government in 1959, as well as Lee Klan Yew, an economic enthusiast with an authoritarian streak, took the helm as head of state. The world’s aiming ‘City in a Garden’ is an unexpected heaven for fans of all things environment-friendly and all-natural. British and also Dutch passion in the region grew with the seasoning trade, and also the trading biog post of Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. Beyond these strong brand-new delights is a nation with history and also deepness, stated in museums as informed as they are involving. In Singapore’s May 2011 general political election, the judgement Individuals’s Activity Celebration was re-elected with a bulk of 81 to 6, which was the equivalent of 60% of the ballot. Past the shopping canters is a scene that’s deliciously eclectic and also significantly distinctive: hound Chinese medicines, messy vintages or neighbourhood fine art in heritage Chinatown chophouses; bag bespoke fragrances to the Islamic phone call to prayer in Kampong Guam; or pick up neighbourhood frocks, baling and also books in the Deco buildings of Ting Bahru. Centuries of cultural exchange shine through in the area’s distinct Nona cuisine, while modern Singapore’s worldwide standing is shown in a flourishing restaurant scene that covers all bases with ever-increasing competence. Greater than merely stay and shopping canters, new-school Singapore is about sci-fi style in billion-dollar yards, contemporary art in converted colonial barracks, and also single-origin coffee in heritage Singapore International mover chophouses.

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Secrets Of Internet Business By Ewen Chia

Secrets Of Internet Business By Ewen Chia

Ewen Chia has done many seminars in Singapore and Malaysia. He is an inspired online Ewen Chia Review entrepreneur. He is from Singapore and has availed every chance internet marketing has to provide. He is the number one super affiliate and has a great knowledge on the aspects of internet marketing, online branding and business integration.

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Autopilot Profits Will Make You Earn Profits

Autopilot Profits Will Make You Earn Profits

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Autopilots Profit System Is Considered To Be The Best One

Autopilots Profit System Is Considered To Be The Best One

Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits system is a great one and promises a total solution for a person who wants to make an online income irrespective of his level of experience.

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Ways To Correct Bad Dog Behavior In Singapore

Good dog behavior is one aspect that every dog owners desires to have. The bad behavior is nice than bad dog behavior. Dog behavior training is the use of the natural instincts of a dog and its mental abilities to get the best results.

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To punish your dog in this way can make him frustrated and will inhibit his learning. This is not a good way to train your dog as your dog moves out of the learning mode and you get frustrated.

Tuina Singapore, The Best and the Most Effective Therapy

The Tuina Singapore therapy is a form of Chinese medication that combines trigger points, massage and other different manual techniques aimed at stimulating nerves, muscles, meridians and acupoints. This is done to unblock the vital energy (Qi) flow in the body. The Tuina therapy is applied in the treatment of different medical conditions. The most common conditions in which the therapy is applied include migraines, vertigo or dizziness, post stroke symptoms, misalignments of the body joints, acute strain or sprain, heel pain, knee pain, sciatica, intervertebral disc disease, leg and low back pain, frozen shoulder, acute torticollis, neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain.


This medication type has a number of therapeutic effects which include boosting the body immunity, normalizing visceral functions, increasing blood circulation, promotes the flow of vital energy (Qi), facilitation of joint lubrication and unblocking the meridians among others. Before the Tuina session, the therapist or the physician should first have a better understanding of the condition of the patient. The patient is then asked to expose all the affected areas as needed during the manual treatment procedure. The therapy can also be delivered over clothing in some instances. Depending on the patient’s condition, the therapy takes approximately between twenty minutes up to an hour.


After the therapy, one should avoid taking a cold shower for about an hour from the time the therapy was completed. Post-symptoms of Tuina therapy may include swelling, mild reddening of the skin and soreness. These symptoms are very normal and should not cause panic. However, should the symptoms persist, or should you develop undesirable reactions like lightheadedness and nausea, you should immediately consult your Tuina Singapore therapist or physician.


People suffering from critical illnesses, severe heart diseases, burns and ulceration, skin wounds, bleeding disorders, Acute Abdominal Compartment Syndrome as well as expectant women should consult their therapist or physician before they receive the Tuina therapy. The Tuina Singapore therapist will advise you on ways through which the therapy will be most effective. The therapy has a high success rate and is known to treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Why Choose Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore

best tcm in singapore

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an alternative health care that has become very popular and is slowly overtaking the conventional health system. This form of health care includes herbal medicine, remedial massage, acupuncture, breathing and exercise therapies, diet and lifestyle tuition. In Singapore, the most common health care sought by most residents and tourists is herbal treatment and acupuncture.



This alternative medicine has been developing over the years from China and other parts of East Asia. The underlying principle of this form of treatment is to achieve and maintain harmony, balance and order in the human body. It’s a holistic approach that tries to understand the process of disease formation and how the body functions and puts emphasize on both prevention and treatment.




Diseases are as a result of a disruption in the flow of life energy called Qi in the body’s mechanism. If there is inadequate supply of Qi, or if the body’s mechanisms are blocked, the body does not achieve harmony and balance and illnesses and diseases attack the body. The disruption of the Qi flow comes from poor diet, stress, environmental conditions and lifestyles. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore focuses on the causes of body dysfunction and symptoms of illness then find ways to connect the two. The practitioners of this form of medicine will then find the best prevention remedy and how to bring back harmony, balance and order in the body.




The diagnosis, clinical assessment and treatment of illnesses and diseases are based on the underlying principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine that seek to understand symptom patterns and how the body can trace back its balance. The clinical decision making is influenced by conventional health care principles, herbal medicines and proven therapies. All treatments are specifically targeted to an individual’s condition and not a general administration – although some illnesses may receive similar treatments.




The Chinese herbal medicine is a major part of this alternative medicine practice. The herbs used can be traced back to about 6000 years ago which makes the practice the oldest and most trusted having stood the test of time. The herbs can effectively treat chronic and severe health conditions. A qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine can prescribe herbs that specifically match with an individual’s condition. The treatment can be adjusted until the patient receives the desired results. The herbs can be administered orally, applied on the body or inserted into the body using needles like in acupuncture.




Conditions that can be treated using Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore include:


  1. Insomnia and fatigue


  1. Digestive disorder and bowel problems


  1. Flu and common colds


  1. Skin problems like acne and cancers of the skin


  1. Depression, stress and anxiety


  1. Allergies


  1. Female and male sex organ disorders like infertility, erectile dysfunction and menstruation problems


  1. Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis


  1. Sporting injuries like skeletal problems


  1. Mental and brain damage conditions


  1. Cardiovascular disorders and heart problems


  1. Respiratory problems like asthma and much more




The Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore is the most sought health care facility by citizens and some people have never stepped in a conventional hospital. Actually, most hospitals have embraced this system and recommend patients to seek this alternative medicine for prevention of diseases and treatment of diseases that conventional medicine cannot treat. You can visit Long Zhong Tang Pte Ltd to know more about TCM in SG.

Enjoying tui na massage while in Singapore

The traditional Chinese medicine involves a broad range of many other medicines that have been used by the Chinese since the ancient of times. The medicines share a common concept and they too have some various forms of treatment such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, exercise also known as qigong and massage. The people also rely on dietary therapy as a perfect way of treatment and a primary complimentary alternative medicine that seeks to improve people’s life. The tui na Singapore is a form of Chinese manipulative treatment and therapy which is used together with moxibustion, acupuncture, tai chi, fire cupping, qigong and Chinese herbalist.


Portrait of a happy acupuncturist

Through this approach, people in Singapore are able to get the best therapy treatment through the hands of qualified technicians and physicians with the skills and the knowledge on how to treat someone. Tui na involves hands-on body treatment through the use of martial arts principles and Chinese Taoist to combine the 8 principles of the traditional Chinese medicine and ensure that they are all balanced to improve the general look of the body and that individual are able to live a better life. Through this highly recognized form of treatment, a practitioner will have to knead, brush, roll, rub and press the joint areas of the body which are well known as the 8 gates. It is through this approach that the body’s defensive known as wei chi are opened to get energy moving in muscles and the meridians.


The tui na Singapore seeks to improve the general health of the people and to ensure that they do not feel fatigued and that they are hardworking and able to focus on their job or other career goals. It is a perfect form of treatment and therapy that has gained a lot of popularity and a walk in some major cities in Singapore indicated how the business is gaining prominence by the presence of many tui na massage shops that offer top of the class quality services to improve the people’s lives. It is a better approach to avoid feeling lethargic, fatigued, depressed, and tired and out of place as the body gets strengthened and all the joints energized through the therapeutic process of kneading, rolling, brushing and slow presses on the joints.


Depending on the practitioner, other will prefer to add some ways to ensure that you get the best treatment. That is tapotement and shaking so that you feel relieved and walking perfectly without any discomfort from the joints. The practitioner may also choose to add some range of motion such as traction together with the stimulation of the acupressure points. It is though this technique that some people get totally healed of the acute and all other chronic musculoskeletal condition and to offer them a new leaf in life. The school of thought and the approach to these therapeutic processes varies according to different experts and their experience will also add a great advantage to offering you the best form of treatment and to ensure that you can enjoy a longer healthier life without any side effects and any other complications of the body. View TCM Singapore.

Facts about tcm Singapore

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore (tcm Singapore) is a well established medical system set to revolutionize modern medicine. This system offers treatment for various medical conditions using ancient Chinese practices such as Acupressure and Acupuncture. Chinese herbal medicine also comes in handy to help patients heal faster. It is made up of Mandarin, English and Chinese speaking practitioners who provide medical services to patients from Singapore, China and other parts of the world.



This scheme does not work alone; it collaborates with western medicine experts in co-managing patients. The physicians specialized in tcm examine patients and provide necessary treatment using acupuncture, acupressure or simply Chinese herbal medicine depending on the nature of a specific patient`s condition. The main areas focused on are discussed below:


Pain Management-Bodily pain is normally an indication of some underlying problem. It is advisable to visit the system`s medical facilities the moment you feel any pain. Be it in the back, elbow, neck, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, ankle or waist. Also, if you have a slipped or herniated disc, arthritis or sciatica, you will get medical assistance from the practitioners.


Digestive System Disorders-More often than not, you will experience stomach upsets probably from food poisoning, constipation or even loss of appetite. Chinese herbal medicine will come in handy in these instances. The medicine is also useful for detoxing so that you can have a healthy digestive system that is free of toxins.


Respiratory Conditions-Do not suffer in silence if you ail from asthma, acute rhinitis, sinusitis or influenza. The scheme provides tcm therapy to clear your respiratory system.


Stress Related Conditions-Acupuncture is normally used in this case. This therapy has been known to enhance moods, relieve stress and relax muscles. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue or depression; tcm will be of great help.


Neurological Conditions-Your nervous is an important bodily function. It is responsible for transmitting impulses to control other bodily functions. This means that if the system suffers, your whole body suffers. If you have persistent headaches, migraine, facial paralysis or stroke, the physicians will use acupuncture or acupressure to help relieve the conditions.


Fertility-Reproductive health is often overlooked. Problems such as irregular and painful menstruation may seem minute but they can cause a lot of discomfort in a woman. The work of tcm Singapore is to deal with these issues as well as premenstrual Syndrome, infertility and impotence in men and women respectively, dysmenorrhea and prostatitis.


Skin Conditions-With so many over the counter creams being offered, you may be confused as to what your skin needs. The truth of the matter is that your skin needs nature`s gift; specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine. This kind of medicine will not interfere with your skin`s natural balance, instead it will enhance it without causing side effects commonly associated with some modern over the counter skin creams.


Apart from providing treatments in the above areas, tcm Singapore promotes research in Traditional Chinese Medicine, nurture talent in tcm, establish appropriate medical principles, develops a code of ethics for the practitioners and improves medical standards. The system is also socially responsible as it often provides free medical examinations for the community.

TCM in Singapore- There Is an Alternative to Modern Medical Care

What do you do when none of the prescribed medications is working? Should you continue to suffer the pain when nothing seems to work for you? It does not really seem fair, but many people do continually live the discomfort and pain because the treatment provided by the Western Medicine just does not work effectively. Take note that modern medicine will just bring on the side effects that are worse than the original symptoms and by this you need to try TCM in Singapore for your alternative care in this modern age.

Facial Acupuncture Treatment Detail

What does TCM in Singapore do?

Many people already have an idea what TCM stands for and for this they believe that this is the best alternative care that they have been waiting for since it has no side effects or whatsoever. Most people are using products TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, which inspired by the all – natural medicine philosophy for treating such health issues and conditions. It turns out that TCM in Singapore can enhance your everyday medical care, as long as you are using it with authentic products that have high concentration of rich and active agents and ingredients.


TCM also evolves from having limitations since people do not have yet any idea about how to use this alternative treatment to its full potential. Now, thousand of different products and supplements of TCM in Singapore are already available in the market that promotes health beneficial to individuals such as those who suffer from obesity and other health issues. By this, consumers have decided to use TCM, as alternative care and this would be their best choice. View a Singapore clinic here.


Acupuncture Therapist Placing Needle in Face What are the benefits of TCM in Singapore treatments?

TCM promotes the use of natural ingredients and herbs to treat and solve every possible serious health problems such as physical sickness, depression and deprivation, dysmenorrhea and unbalance menstruation, and among other things. The belief is simple, different herbs help cleanse, nourish, protect, and stimulate your different organs and conditions. Not only that, this alternative care has several benefits and these are as follows:


1) TMC is Holistic – it means that this treatment does not only cure your health conditions or complications, but also finds the root or cause of such conditions in the first place. This treatment will not only focus on simple and systematic way of treatment, but also the practitioner will evaluate you first what would be the best course of action so that you stop feeling any pain.


2) Offers more specific diagnosis – this means that for common health, the DMC practitioner will offer you different diagnosis so that this treatment can cure you. He or she will ask you what kind of physical or health problem you are suffering from and they would look into it and find a suitable treatment for such diagnosis. For example, you have a cough and you purchase medicine for coughs, do you think this will cure you? Well, no because it does not know the root of your cough in the first place and remember that there are different kinds of coughs, so don’t just buy a medicine, but find out first its cause.



3) Effective in weight management – the right natural herbs will match up with the right bodily symptom, so these herbs will help you maintain and keep up a healthy lifestyle. These herbs will serve as your beauty enhancer, since their active agents have antioxidant and anti – aging properties.


Visit for more information.

Choosing the best TCM Clinic in Singapore

Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years. The Chinese people have treated various diseases using traditional methods. A lot of research has been done on traditional medicine as an alternative to modern treatment methods. As a result, people across the world have embraced the use of alternative methods of treatment. When you are ill, the following tips can help you choose the best TCM clinic in Singapore. There are many clinics offering the same services and this can confuse you. Therefore, you should make careful selection.

chinese medicine doctor teaching  Acupoint on human model


The situation of the clinic is very important. It should be easily accessible to you. Think of how you would get there quickly in case you want urgent attention. In some places, too much traffic may hinder your movements. Wherever you live, consider a clinic close to your home. Choosing a practitioner near you will save on time and money spent on travel.


Training and experience

Your health is very important and it should be handled very carefully. Before you settle on a given specialist, you need to be sure that you will get the best service. Talk to the practitioner and ask questions regarding their experience and training. It is easy to find a good TCM clinic in Singapore if you spend some time on it. Click here to view a clinic in Singapore.


Authority to operate

Every TCM clinic in Singapore should have a license to operate. Licenses are issued by the authorities to weed out unqualified practitioners who might exploit the citizens. You need to establish that the practitioner has a valid license issued by the right authority.


Inspect the clinic

After picking a few clinics in the area, you need to inspect them physically. This will help you establish whether the clinic meets your own expectations. You may be concerned about cleanliness or organization of the place. You will know of such qualities when you visit the place. Good organization and cleanliness are of the hallmarks of the best TCM clinic in Singapore.


Consider operation hours

When you are selecting a suitable TCM clinic in Singapore, think about their hours of operation. The time should fit well into your own schedule. If you are available during the day, you would select a clinic that operates during the day. A person who is free at night would prefer a clinic that operates even at night. Find out how the clinic responds to emergencies cases.


A family clinic

If you have a family, you would like to have all the health needs of your family to be catered for in the same place. Ensure the TCM clinic in Singapore is able to offer treatment for all members of your family. Children are particularly sensitive and should be handled by people who are experienced in that field. Find out if the doctors know the right way to handle little children.


The cost of service

Although the cost of treatment depends with the complexity of each case, you need to think about how much you will pay to be treated. Consultation charges levied may give an indication of how affordable your TCM clinic in Singapore is. You should select a clinic whose charges you can easily afford.

Large Intestine 4 Acupuncture Point

For more info, visit

Chinese Traditional Medicine is in Singapore


Traditional Chinese Medicine is a well-established form of alternative medical practice, the background of this concept witnessed massive research and tests spanning over 5000 years. The Eastern traditional cures is very popular in the whole world owing to its efficacy, originally the form of medicine was only known in China, India, Korea and some parts of Eastern countries. But today the concept is embraced in the whole world. The practice has seen many clinics opening in major cities of the world; the clinics are available in United States, United Kingdom, African countries, Australia and more.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore:

The medicine practice is also having a massive presence in Singapore; the country has embraced the medicine as can be witnessed with a number of clinics operating there. There are many clinics in the country and colleges teaching and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (T CM). The branch of medicine is like a native language in Singapore today.




Fusion of Chinese and Western Medicine:

In Singapore Chinese Doctors are now working side by side with their Western counterparts, this has come in handy since there are cases which can be managed by the later type of medicine. Cases like Cancer, fertility issues, Eye, Orthopedic are dealt with through the medicine.


Major specialties:

The Chinese medicine specialist treats using a combination of therapy and herbal concentrates, this is done through Acupuncture, Acupressure also known as Tui Na and Traditional Chinese herbs. The medicine is effective in treating Skin conditions, Women’s health, Respiratory conditions, Pain management, Cancer, Men’s health and more.


Conditions which are managed by TCM:

1). Neurological: cases of severe headaches or migraine, paralysis, stroke, and related cases can benefit from the medicine.


2). Digestive related cases are also tackled, constipation, Gastritis, Appetite Loss.


3). Managing Pain: managing pains in arthritis, back, neck, shoulder, Knee, Hip & ankle, Slipped Disc and Herniated Disc. The medicine uses acupuncture and acupressure to manage such cases.


4). Respiratory cases: the medicine is effective in cases like; Sinusitis, Asthma, Influenza, Acute Rhinitis and more.


5). Stress related conditions are also managed by Chinese Traditional Medicine, conditions like Chronic Fatigue, insomnia, Anxiety and depression.


6). Skins ailments: Dermatitis, Acne and Eczema cases.


7). Men’s health: cases of fertility are handled well by the type of medicine, prostration and impotency.



There are so many other cases which can be managed well by the medicine; a visit to any Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore will give you more highlights about traditional Chinese medicine.

TCM in Singapore: why Tourists are Flocking the City  


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine today. The reason for this is that it has been practiced for millennia and, has been found to be effective in not only treating diseases but also curing diseases believed to be incurable. Although practiced in many countries in the world, many people are opting to travel to the countries where tcm originated from. Tcm in Singapore is highly sought after by tourists. Some of the reasons for this include the following.


Majority of the tcm practitioners in Singapore are native Chinese. Most have been in the tcm field for years and some run family businesses that have been healing people for centuries. This means that these practitioners have more than enough knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine. In addition some of the healing techniques they use are virtually unknown in the western world.


Unlike in most western countries tcm is highly regulated in Singapore. Every tcm practitioner is expected by law to have specific qualifications and be registered by the TCM Practitioners Board. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act of 2000 requires that every practitioner be registered and licensed to practice in Singapore. For qualification, the practitioner must have a minimum of a 6 year part time or 3 year full time course. Alternatively, the physician can have a graduation certificate or bachelor’s degree from recognized institutions. Tcm practitioners meeting these qualifications are also expected to take and pass the Singapore TCM Physicians Registration Examination to be registered with the TCM Practitioners Board. For the tourist, this means that they can be sure that the physician is fully qualified and knowledgeable about the practice.



Another reason why tcm in Singapore is quite popular among tourists is that majority of practitioners are specialists. That is’ they specialize with specific conditions. This is unlike many tcm practitioners in western countries who try to treat many conditions. Specialist tcm practitioners are in a better position to focus on coming up with better methods of treating and, conducting research on the conditions they heal.


Tcm in Singapore is also quite affordable. Currently, Singapore is one of the best places to conduct business. In addition, there are many practitioners in the state. These two factors help to bring down the cost of treatment. This is unlike western countries where there are few tcm practitioners and high cost of conducting business which make tcm a bit expensive.

4 Mistakes to Avoid when Looking for a TCM Clinic in Singapore


In the recent days there has been an increase in number of traditional Chinese medicine clinics in Singapore. This has been enhanced by the increased popularity of the different traditional Chinese treatment methods among the people. With the high number of the clinics in the market, it is easy to fall victim of the unscrupulous clinics that may not offer you the best treatment services. In order to help you get the best, this article provides you some of the mistakes to avoid when choosing a TCM clinic in Singapore.


Doing the selecting in a rush


With the many clinics that are offering the different traditional Chinese medicine in the market, it is important that you take your time as you filter them to avoid falling victim of scams. Take time to search online for the best, seek referrals from friends, relative or other people with knowledge on the different TCM clinics in your area. By doing this, you will get information that will allow you to make an informed choice during the hiring process.


Making upfront payment


As you go through the many clinics during the selection process, you may come across some who may require you to pay some deposits for the treatment services provided. However, you should not make a mistake of choosing such as clinic because it may end up being a scam. Chances are high that you may not get the quality of treatment you are looking for from such clinics. You should only make any form of payment until you have consulted and received the quality of TCM treatment services that you have been looking for.


Choosing a clinic without checking their licenses and certifications


Another great mistake that many patients make when they are looking for TCM treatment is to trust a TCM clinic in Singapore without verifying that they are fully licensed and certified by the relevant authorities. By seeking treatment from such a clinic, you will not only be risking your money, but also your health. Most of the unlicensed clinics do not have qualified staff who meets the specifications provided by the authorities. You should also note that in case, you do not get the right treatment you will not have anyone to run to because such clinics are not recognized anywhere.


Newly established clinics in the market


Another great mistake you should avoid is to seek treatment from a newly established TCM clinic in Singapore. This is because you may have the assurance that you will get high quality treatment. In addition, the staff may not be experienced in this field.

The Reason why More People visit a TCM clinic today 

chinese medicine doctor teaching  acupoint on human modelFor a long time, a lot of people kept their distance from traditional Chinese medicine for most of its concepts are not backed up with enough scientific data. In tcm, people who have hot tempers are prone to fever or inflammation issues in different parts of the body. Though perceived to be true in the field of traditional medicine for thousands of years already, no clear scientific data could explain it. Today, a lot of researches are conducted to support concepts of traditional medicines or what others call alternative medicine. With such studies, a lot of people are starting to know more about this kind of treatment.


The increase in studies on TCM does not only provide more information about it, but it also paved the way for possibilities of more research. Most experts in alternative medicines who conduct these studies make some of their findings available to the public not only for awareness but also to spike the interest of their colleagues. A certain study in one field of traditional medicine could lead to various findings and these could become useful to a lot of people. When enough researches are done to support claims in alternative medicines, it could open the doors for the authentication and standardization of these studies thus making it more credible when used for medicine development.


A lot of people today are starting to believe that their lifestyle is one of the main culprits of their health dilemmas. And this is one of the concepts believed by traditional Chinese medicine experts. It somehow shows that people are starting to embrace some of the notions in traditional medicine. As more and more people accept the ideas of TCM, they become more open to this treatment. To the surprise of many, traditional medicine works pretty well especially for health cases which are not related to dysfunction of major organs in the body. For example, people who experiences frequent body pain would be surprise that alternative treatments on a tcm clinic work best and provide longer relief compared to regularly taking prescribe medicines.



For many years, Western Medicine gravely ignored traditional medicine for they believe that it is not science. Thus, it does not provide a clear path for a healthier and disease-free body. However, in recent years, a lot of scientists and clinicians are gaining interest with this alternative medicine mainly because of the fact that it worked on a lot of people. With more physicians today acknowledging the effectiveness of such treatment, people who seek for treatment are somehow encouraged to visit a tcm clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

The various types of TCM Singapore residents trust


Traditional and Complementary Medicines definitely play a key role in treating individuals with different types of ailments. In contrast to modern medicines, most traditional medical practices have been passed down from one generation to another for more than 5000 years. Traditional Chinese medicine is the most widely held form of alternative and complementary medicine in Singapore. This is mainly because of majority of the ethnic Chinese community that lives here.


Even though traditional Chinese medicine has advanced and spread to several countries and continents over time, very little changes have been made on the original treatment practices over the years. There are several types of tcm Singapore residents love. The most commonly celebrated and practiced are Chinese massage, acupuncture, Qigong and herbal medicine.

Treatment by acupuncture

Acupuncture is the most widely used and well-known form of Chinese medicine. It mainly involves piercing on needles on specific parts along the body meridians. The needles are left on the human body for a specified amount of time. This causes the body to release endorphins and it engages nerve endings in the entire body. This blocks pain and restores the normal body functions to achieve optimal health.


Chinese Massage. This involves physical manipulation of joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles of the body. When properly done, this massage promotes proper circulation required for good health. The pressure and rolling movements promote healing and treat injuries. Massage helps in balancing yin and yang. This stabilizes emotions and it improves mental health.


Herbal Medicine is used by TCM practitioners in different ways. These herbs are usually blended in a specified combination to help in treating various illnesses that afflict the human body. Some of the ailments treated are stress, digestive problems, liver disorders, gynecological disorders, fatigue, allergies, skin conditions and cardiovascular diseases. Chinese herbal medicines tend to be powerful just like modern drugs. Therefore, they should be treated with respect and caution.The herbal medicines are available in various forms such as extracts, pills, pastes, powders and teas.


Qigong. This is a series of postures and movements that exploit the qi of the body. Qi is basically the life force or vital energy that connects the whole being. The postures and breathing mainly work to reestablish the flow of QI in the body. This works to improve the overall well-being of the body and prevent diseases.


Over the years, there has been an increase in the popularity and use of TCM Singapore residents trust. Most people concurrently use both western treatment and Chinese medicine.The sprouting of tcm clinics on this island attests to the growing acceptance of this form of alternative treatment.







Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a household name widely renowned for its instant effectiveness and safeness. It is one of the oldest healing systems on planet earth. TCM can be used to heal anyone and any health issue. It teaches you how to live a balanced life of wellness and harmony.


The primary health care of TCM is based on acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, exercise and breathing therapy,remedial massage and diet and lifestyle advice. It does not just treat your ailment but also focuses on understanding the normal function and disease processes. Other than treating your immediate disease, TCM believes in prevention of further occurrences of the same illness and any other diseases for that matter. It is more of a wholesome approach to living healthy as it touches on all aspects that could affect health such as the physical, mental, and psychological among others.


Traditional Chinese medicine bases its healing on the supply of what they call life energy. This must balance in order for one to be healthy. The most common TCM in use include the Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.


How does this treatment work?

Portrait of Female Acupuncturist

Before any treatment procedure, a diagnosis has to be carried out to determine the real problem as the case in our modern hospital to. They could use your clinical assessments to get a clear background on what the problem is. The treatment is grounded on the underlying symptoms as opposed to just what you see. In simple terms, it deals with the root cause of your disease as opposed to just treating the symptoms. For example, you cannot just be given painkillers to soothe a certain pain but rather the source of the pain is detected and treated. You will also be advised on what lifestyle changes, including diet, to make so that the same problem does not arise again. In most cases the treatment is tailor made for individual needs.


How acupuncture works

Eastern or Asian acupuncture Medical Treatment.

Fine, sterile needles are inserted into specific sites which are called the acupuncture points. The sound of needles may sound like pain to you but this procedure is not quite painful. These needles clear energy blockages and encourage the flow of life energy through your body. You can get the acupuncture in Singapore too.


Acupuncture treats many conditions e.g. migraines, stroke, respiratory conditions such as asthma, common cold, skin conditions like eczema and even cardiovascular issues among others. It is advisable to take such treatment as it is pain free and no chemicals in form of medicine are put into your system.